Bridging Finance for Property Development

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Speed in Transactions:

  • Swift Acquisition: Property developers often encounter opportunities that demand rapid action. Bridging finance facilitates quick property acquisitions, ensuring developers don’t miss out on valuable prospects.
  • Unfit for Traditional Financing: Properties in need of extensive renovations or those unfit for traditional mortgages find a lifeline in bridging finance. It steps in when conventional financing avenues face limitations.
  • Navigating Planning and Approvals: Development projects sometimes face delays in obtaining planning permissions. Bridging finance offers a financial cushion during these crucial approval phases.
  • Tailored Repayment Plans: Bridging loans often come with flexible repayment structures. Developers can strategise to repay the loan when the property is ready for a longer-term financing solution.
  • Maximising Property Value: In scenarios where a property undergoes enhancements during development, bridging finance enables developers to capitalise on the increased value of the property.

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