Bridging Finance

What is Bridging Finance?

Bridging Finance is probably the best-known product in short term lending, literally bridging a financial gap until a longer term solution can be arranged or the asset is sold. We aim to tailor a bespoke Bridging Loan to each individual client and their unique situation.


When under pressure to complete a transaction, or when the condition of a property will not allow traditional mortgage funding, a short-term Bridging Loan can be a very useful product. These facilities can be repaid without penalty after only two or three months, when ready to transfer onto a regular mortgage product. These Property Bridging Loans can be invaluable, enabling a property transaction to take place that may otherwise have fallen at the first hurdle.

The application process is usually simple, straightforward, and carried out at pace by our expert Bridging Finance Brokers.

Looking For Information About Bridging Finance?

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