What is AFIG Partners?

AFIG Partners is a multi-model opportunity which brings on two types of partners to dramatically increase distribution as well as high level expertise and experience.  

 Our goal is simple, to create the largest network of professionals, brokers and lenders within the funding space whilst giving mass opportunity and self-fulfilling benefits to any partner who joins the network. We have uplifted our senior multi award winning team who possess mass expertise and knowledge within the market to launch a model that will be extremely prominent within the funding space.  

 The AFIG Partners platform offers the unique opportunity to become a formalised introducing broker and have direct access to one of the largest panel of lenders, underwriters, and broker professionals within the market.  

 The platform was launched as a way of formalising the introducer model and giving professionals the chance to set up as a finance broker, in partnership with AFIG. The professional partner will receive a minimum of 30% of all fees generated and the broker partner 50%. 

Professional Partner

A professional partner can be an institution, corporate business or individual ‘hands-off’ introducer who will simply use AFIG to manage the process from enquiry to completion whilst taking a minimum 30% of fees once the deal has completed.


The Professional Partner will receive the funding enquiry. 

Stage 1

Once the enquiry is received, the partner will then pass this onto the team at AFIG Partners. 


The team at AFIG Partners will then source and negotiate with relevant lender. 


The deal then gets packaged up by the team at AFIG Partners and terms are given to the professional partner. 


The professional partner will then present the terms of the deal to their client. 


The professional partner will receive 30% of fees once the terms are signed and fees have landed. 

Broker Partner

A broker partner is a self-employed broker or someone already within the industry, who will operate under the AFIG banner on a day to day basis. 


Each Broker Partner will have a target earnings.

'Broker Pool'

Anything over this figure will go into the 'Broker Pool'.


The 'Broker Pool' will be split into 3 categories...


The following 3 categories are:

  • Operating Costs - 30%
  • Shareholder Profit - 40%
  • Brokers Bonus' - 30%

The 30% for the Brokers will then be divided in line with performance.


After year 1, the broker will have an option to convert their bonus to shares.

Looking To Become A Partner?

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