Commercial Finance

A medium to long term solution, typically 5 years plus, enabling investors to buy commercial property investments and business owners to buy their own premises.

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About Commercial FINANCE

Commercial Finance encompasses a wide range of property related borrowing opportunities secured against any type of commercial development. These can  include  offices, industrial units, shops, hotels, care homes etc. In fact, anything that isn’t considered to be purely residential is covered.

They are available to property investors (landlords) or business owners who wish to run their business from the property (owner occupiers).

If you are looking to buy something new or refinance a property you already own, we have a range of solutions to suit individual needs. Finding the right Commercial Development Finance to fund a commercial business property – whether refinancing an existing asset or portfolio, or completing a new purchase can be daunting – but our commercial finance brokers are here to give you peace of mind. We will secure you the most appropriate Commercial Finance funding for your unique circumstances.


Our team are always on hand to help you through the funding process.

Case Studies

Commercial Finance Image 1

This facility allowed the conversion of this significant site, which, collectively, once operated as a secure mental health complex, into a multi-purpose facility for respite, school breaks, weekends away etc.  

Commercial Finance Image 2

Our highly experienced client required a commercial facility for this large property on the high street. The building will be transformed, with commercial ground floor and much needed residential apartments above.

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