Refurbishment Finance

Alongside a bridging loan, the whole cost for the refurbishment can be borrowed to repair the property, or convert from house to apartments, extend the property , or similar projects.

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About Refurbishment FINANCE

When your property project requires any element of improvement work – be it a light refurbishment, extension, or even a total structural overhaul – Refurbishment Finance allows the complete costs of those works can be borrowed alongside the purchase loan.

Our experienced Refurbishment Finance Brokers take time to understand the project, and allow you to devote your time and energy to overseeing and running the project rather than finding the funding.

Refurbishment Finance also allows you to spread your personal savings over more than one project a a time, offering you the opportunity to grow your portfolio much quicker. Whether you’re upgrading your own residential property, or doing so with intention to rent or sell out – our Refurbishment Finance Brokers will work closely with you throughout. 

Once all the sums are agreed with your Refurbishment Finance Broker, just hand your keys over to the builders in the comfort of knowing their bills are covered.


Our team are always on hand to help you through the funding process.

Case Studies

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We arranged bridging finance on a twelve-month term to allow the client to purchase a former private hotel which provided sufficient time to refurbish the property to become a multi-room HMO. 

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We helped our client in providing a facility to purchase this property and fully funded the extensive remodelling and refurbishment of the property. Once complete, the property will be sold. 

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